An unemployed Russian man, carrying about 26,000 diamonds in his hand luggage, has been stopped at customs of the Sheremetyevo International Airport in Moscow, after he claimed to have, “nothing to declare”.

The 37 year old man had brought the diamonds from Dubai and was arrested on Sunday in the Moscow airport, as reported by the Federal Customs Service said in a statement. In addition, 249 mobile phone cases were confiscated, along with five iPhone 5 mobile phones.

“Our customs agents noticed that he was very nervous during the regular records of luggage and clutching a bag under his arm, after which he was asked to show what was inside,” spokesperson Natalia Karaseva said.

The man from the Caucasus republic of Dagestan, said that diamonds were not his property and was transporting them to help a friend. It was unclear whether criminal charges have been filed against him.

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