Swedish furniture store Ikea is facing food based matters once again, following their taking part in the recent horse meat scandals.

Now, Chinese health authorities have seized two tons of imported Ikea chocolate cake, after finding “high levels of bacteria commonly found in the human intestinal tract,” according to the Shanghai Daily at least.

In January the arrival at the port of Shanghai of 1.87 tons of chocolate cake from Sweden faced inspections from the health authorities, who proceeded to analyze the sweet and found high levels of coliform bacteria, which are usually present in the feces of humans and other warm-blooded animals, such as horses.

An Ikea spokeswoman interviewed by Swedish newspaper The Local said that “our chocolate we supply is from a quality provider”, but as some say, so was the meat that was found to contain horse not too long ago.

Chinese authorities say they have destroyed nearly two tons of chocolate cake imported by Sweden’s Ikea for violating food quality standards.

Mmmmmmmmm, chocolate!!!


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