A woman from New York has been arrested and charged with endangering the welfare of children, after hiring two “strippers” for the birthday party of her 16 year old son.

Judith Viger, 33, was arrested Monday in Gansevoort, a small town in central Florida.

The party took place on November 3 at a bowling alley, and the complaint came after the parents of one of the children who attended saw photos on Facebook.

Viger was charged with five counts of endangering the welfare of a child, for organizing the party and hiring and paying two exotic dancers who performed “private dances” for five young children under 17 years (the youngest was 13).

The party was attended by about eighty people, but at the time there were no complaints. A photo found on Facebook shows one of the dancers, dressed in “sexy” lingerie, and in a “very erotic” position with one of the attendees.

If convicted, Judith Viger could face up to a year in prison.


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