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The Update Named SPRING

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I know it´s still technically winter, but my hay fever is killing me already, and the very hungry caterpillars are earlier than ever, so this global warming thing is making life HELL. Not only are we going back in time, I swear somebody has the clock mixed up!!! I know I´m not alone with the hay fever thing either.

So, SPRING it is. Because of that, we´re starting our Spring Schedule this week too, with some new stuff, old stuff and even a new old presenter!!!

As for me, on Monday, Pedro Mancebo is due to come and chat with me live on air, about the story in this week´s Leader, answering the allegations made against him. On Wednesday, Lisa is back with more fitness advice, and you can see and read more also in The Leader. On Friday, Angela and Michelle will be in with another Sin Bin, and I know they are getting lots of suggestions, but feel free to make your own. Oh, and talking of Friday… It´s going to be FEBRUARY!!! Jeeez, one month down already!

I do have more to tell you, but I know you´re busy, so I won´t keep you. Oh, and I´m eating a Creme Egg :) (Random, but factual none the less).

Back to Tuesday though, and we welcome a new member to the airwaves of Exite Radio, although he´s been around the block quite a few times already!!!

I have your virtual copy of The Leader here with me, have a look and join me from 7 in the morning (6 UK time), or as soon as you get up, I´ll be waiting for you with the kettle on, on 89.2 or 93.1fm or via the website at exiteradio.com, which has also undergone a face-lift this weekend, check it out. It´s not finished yet, but you are welcome to look.

Right, enough already, fly my pretties, FLYYYYYyyy and I´ll whisper in your ear as you wake (NOT in a stalker sort of way!!!) (Well, unless you want me… NO!!!).

See you in the morning, TAAaaaaarrraaaahhhhhhhhhhh :)



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