Ow do. How are you on the Sunday evening? Ready for another week. January comes of age tomorrow, the 21st (well, okay, maybe not).

Anyways. I´ll keep it brief, I know you´ve got to get your stuff ready for morning, whilst watch Strictly or something, but I have a couple of little, no BIG things to tell you about my week on Exite Radió this week.

Monday sees the Corrie will-it-won´t-it marriage of Tyrone and Kirsty, lots of us looking forward to that. Well, in the morning, I´ll be catching up with the actors who play Tyrone, Kirsty and Tina to get the low down before the big event. Yes, really, the´ll be on the phone telling us what´s going on!!! (Shh, don´t tell anybody, but I know what they´re going to say, because I already did it and recorded the chats today!!! Shh, remember, it´s a secret) :)

On Wednesday, we have the first of our January Fitness features with Lisa, our very own fitness instructor. Not that I´m worried or anything. I´ll just take an apple in to the studio, or an orange, that´s sure to mask my marginally less than healthy lifestyle. I´m sure I´ll get away with it, especially if I just breath in a lot! Oh, or is it out? Dammit, I might just have to rely on the apple!!!

Then on Thursday, another Lisa joins me, this time is Zumba With-Lisa, Lisa, and we´ll be talking about Zumba, with Lisa, oddly enough!!!

Then, on Friday, Angela and Michelle will be back for another edition of The Sin Bin, maybe putting fitness instructors in the bin, depending how the rest of the week goes!!! No, I´m joking. I have no idea, they don´t tell me anything (or maybe it´s just that I don´t listen).

Finally, you can read more about this in The Leader which is out tomorrow, as well as the virtual edition which is out NOW. I will put the link at the end. But you can also read about the latest addition to the Exite Family, well known broadcaster and presenter Darren James joins us, bringing his own wide variety of music, chat, features and more, but I´ll let him tell you all about that. We´re just happy to welcome him to our group, and I know you will welcome him too.

Right, as the little onions often say, that´s shallots (sigh) (actually I´m just seeing if you´re still there or if you´ve wandered off already, before I offer you the chance to win a million… Oh, you are still there, scrub that!!!
Have a great night, enjoy every moment of this week, keep smiling and keep your radio tuned to 89.2 on the Orihuela Costa, 93.1fm on the Costa Blanca, then break off the knob because you don´t ever need to go anywhere else, and you can also listen on the internet, at www.exiteradio.com, with many, many different options available. Oh, before I forget, we´ve also now got LOADS of webcams on there!

Right, enough, see you, bye, thanks for reading, and for being you. Tarraaahhhhh


Now, read the paper. I´ve written loads in there too. I do go on!!! ;)



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