Hey, this is crazy, but here´s my update, read it maybe :)

See what I did there??? Try singing it in time and tune to a rather famous song from last year. You know the one??? Call me… Oh, I´ll get on with it!!!


Ayways, I know I´m late with the update this week, but I´ve been busy getting some special stuff sorted, and working, obviously!!!

I went to photograph the animal blessing thing in Torrevieja today, which was nice. Dogs, cats, budgies, even a cockatoo (DON´T!), and one lady even brought along a stuffed duck, of the cuddly kind, not taxidermist style. Some of the dogs were even dressed in Flamenco outfits (no, no idea, but it looked sweet).

Right, anyway, enough waffle. On Friday this week, Angela and Michelle tell me that they want to talk about “bad tasting medicine” for the Sin Bin. Fair enough, I guess. Not sure why, but I think Angela has had a little sniffle recently, so maybe that´s why (moan, moan, moan, that´s all she´s done to be honest. She should be thankful that she´s not a man, what with OUR flu!!!).

Then next week, it´s time to get FIT. On Wednesday, I will introduce you to Lisa, who is a fitness instructor, and will be doing a regular slot on a Wednesday morning, answering your health and fitness questions, and giving us all great advice on how to be a little healthier.

And, then on Thursday, talking of little healthier things, Zumba With-Lisa will be joining me, telling us all about a new thing that looks amazing, that YOU can get involved in.

As always, you can read more in The Leader on Monday, but I have a sneak preview of the fitness stuff for you already, look at the end.

For now though, I shall leave you to your dinner. Burgers for tea??? Oh, sorry, awkward subject for you none vegetarians!!! :)

Still, if you´re in the UK, you can always take your mind off it by getting yourself off to Blockbuster to get a DVD, so long as the SNOW doesn´t get you…

Sorry, what´s that??? Blockbuster!!! Oh. Well, maybe try HMV… Oh. Erm… Maybe.
But, every cloud… Who´s ever heard of Mad Horse Disease???

Right, I´m off before I cause any more trouble. My work here is done!!! :)
89.2 or 93.1fm or the website, www.exiteradio.com.

See you in the morning from SEVEN, as Len Goodman would shout!!!

Oh, final, final thing, sad about the passing this week of the Dad from Different Strokes, Conrad Bain. Another childhood memory gone.

Right, for now… Tarrraaaahhhhhhhhhhh :)


You will be able to do this soon... Maybe :)

You will be able to do this soon… Maybe :)

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