Helllooooo and good morning. I waited until this time so that you´ll be tucked up in bed and then you can read this in the morning with your corn flakes or toast, or whatever you munch on the breakfast. Of course, if you haven´t gone to bed and are staying up, you´ve ruined my plan!!! Ruined it, so GO TO BED!!!


Anyhoooose, I hope you had a great Christmas and New Year, back to the grind for most of us on Monday, although I already started last week, so it´s just Monday for me!

The Leader newspaper will be hitting the hundreds of distribution points throughout the morning, cram packed with news, some good, some sad, some about corruption… a LOT about corruption ;)

As for the rest of the week on radio, Bob Houliston will be with me on Monday morning, talking about the political scene on the Orihuela Costa. On Thursday, Angela Holt will be with me for Dog Talk, so feel free to send your doggy questions (but in English, not woof, woof, woof, woof… Oh, you know what I mean). Angela will also be back on Friday along with Michelle Copp for the first Sin Bin of the year, I wonder what they´ll be talking about???

Oh, I also have more news about those two, but I´ll keep that for now. You´ve got work to go to!!!
Right, so, have a good week. Chin up and all that. YES, it will be miserable, long, cold, dark, but… Summer will soon be here… Oh, bad analogy for me!!! Look on the bright side, you could find yourself as a topic on Calder´s Confessions!!! HA

Right, welcome back, have a great day, see you on Exite Radió from 7 until 11, every freaking, sodding, goodness-knows-why-we-bother, working day ;)

On 89.2 fm on the Orihuela Costa, or 93.1fm on the Costa Blanca, or www.exiteradio.com on the world that we live on and if you haven´t gone to bed yet, watch that clock (I said CLOCK) and g´night, but if you´ve been a good little boy or girl and gone to bed, then I mid you a very good morning :)


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